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fix broken iphone charger cable
fix broken iphone charger cable
How to repair iphone charging cable

Get ready to fix that charger cable!

It happens to all of us, your cable frays and exposes the shielding, without action we know that it'll be nearing the end of it's life. With FixIts you can quickly wrap over that fray and strengthen your cable so it's good as new again!

Bonus: Use a fancy colour (FixIts come in and you'll always know who's got a hold of your cable.

What you'll need:

A kettle or a pan on a hob to boil water

A glass or ceramic cup (avoid plastics as FixIts can stick to it)

FixIts stick

how to repair charger cord

Step 1: Heat a section of your FixIts stick for 60 seconds or until softened.

Fix frayed cable

Step 2: Pinch off what you need from the now softened section of FixIts.

Fix iphone cable

Step 3: Carefully wrap the FixIts around the cable ensuring an even distribution.

fix broken iphone charger cable

Step 4: Whilst FixIts is still warm, dip your finger in water and smooth the surface lightly as it cools.

Please note

Do not perform on any electrical wire that is plugged in / live. Ensure FixIts has fully cooled and hardened before use. FixIts is electrically insulating, but we advise you do not use FixIts on electrics with more than 24 volts. Do not use FixIts on electrical objects that will heat up beyond 60oC / 140oF.

How to repair iphone charging cable