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FixIts Clever Cordless Glue Gun

Introducing our latest member of the super FixIts family line-up! 

Glue guns have tonnes of great uses around the home, they’re as multi-purpose as your imagination. But as anyone knows who’s used them, they can be messy, and sometimes awkward, given they always need to be plugged in.

That’s why we’re launching this remarkable new clever cordless glue gun. Reasons we love it? It’s cordless (obviously), for one thing, so it’s as practical and useful as all our products. Plus, it has a very funky design, for another. We’ll send you everything you need to get the gun going, plus a set of pretty coloured glue sticks.

Reasons to love our cordless, rechargeable minimalist glue gun.

10 PCS GLUE STICKS: Comes with 5 clear and 5 coloured hot glue sticks. The glue stick is made of safe and eco-friendly resin and melts without fumes or odour, so it is safe for adults and children to use. Muitiple colours glue sticks meet the various needs of users for craft DIY projects.

CORDLESS WITH LESS MESS: Innovative USB-C charging interface, say goodbye to the traditional plug-in design as well as get rid of the shackles of the wire. Universal USB-C charging interface supports fast charging anytime, anywhere. Built-in high-capacity 2000mAh lithium battery supports continuous working 328 feet of glue flow when fully charged.

AUTOMATIC POWER-OFF AND INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL: It will automatically shut down after 3 minutes of no operation, to avoid battery damage caused by emptying the power. Glue gun built-in intelligent control chip and MCH system to maintain the heating temperature in a suitable range to prevent overheating from burning out components or excessive melting of glue. Also avoid burning your skin. Double protection to double the peace of mind.

30S FAST HEATING AND PRECISION:  The hot glue guns can be preheated quickly in 30s, saving you time. The nozzle is made of brass with high heat conductivity, which melts the glue stick quickly. And the implanted MCH vermiculite heating pad provides balanced heating to ensure a steady and continuous flow of glue. The fine glue-out volume allows you to apply glue to your project with precision.

CLEAN & EASY TO USE: Compact size that both adults and children can grasp with one hand, the smooth fan-shaped trigger design, lightly press the trigger to continuously discharge glue, simple operation. Equipped with a heat-resistant PC safety cover to effectively avoid glue drips and prevent burns, which helps optimise the experience of hot glue gun craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts.

BALANCED DESIGN: Balanced design allows the glue gun to be positioned vertically without the need for an additional stand. Safe and convenient to use and place as you go. Equipped with a silicone stand for easy standing on inclined or uneven surfaces.

CLEAN MODERN DESIGN: The one-piece screwless design lets you say goodbye to the complicated, messy old models. The exterior design won the 2021 international award for best 100.