Don't bin it when you can FixIts

Take back control of your stuff by keeping it alive for longer, adapting it to your liking or creating something entirely new. Say no more to lost game pieces, frayed cables, wobbly chairs, broken scissors and so much more. Save money, Save Waste, Save the Planet!

Use as much or as little as you want!

FixIts is endlessly reusable and doesn't have an expiry date so you can keep it in your drawer, pencil case, toolbox, backpack, etc for as long as you like; ready to use when you need it!

Heat it to Shape it

Simply dunk FixIts into kettle boiled water for 1 minute (60ºC+), remove it, pinch off what you need and get fixing!

FixIts hardens as it cools so keep it hot (with a hairdryer for example) if you want to keep fixing, or let it cool quickly for a fast fix!

Let's get Fixing

Choose between packs of 8 and 3 FixIts sticks, or mix and match with individual sticks!

Why you need FixIts

It's Eco Friendly

Made from a bioplastic compliant with European Regulation EN14995 for Compostability. You're not just saving a product from landfill by fixing it but doing so with a responsible material.

It's Reusable

Re-heat and re-mould FixIts as many times as you like. Either dunk back in hot water or use hot air from a hairdryer to reshape. Use as much or as little as you want.

It's Non Toxic

Our magical material doesn't leave any smell or residue as it doesn't contain any toxic ingredients. Even when heated in hot water it doesn't release anything that could harm you or the environment.

It's Quick

We believe it's the fastest fix around! Changing states from solid to softened and back to solid in around 5 minutes you really can fix things on the fly with FixIts.

Saves You Money

When you repair, you save money by not having to buy anything new! One FixIts stick can also be used for many fixes as it's not a single use product.

No Use By Date

Keep FixIts in your drawer, pencil case or toolbox for as long as you like. FixIts will be ready to use no matter how long you leave it there, just heat it to shape it.

Don't just take our word for it!

Fantastic, so easy to use and has a hundred uses. Used it to fix my wheelchair control housing until I can get a replacement fitted. Very easy to use and a hair dryer made the perfect tool to heat and get the final shape perfect once it was in place on my wheelchair. Has made my wheelchair usable again so no having to wait a week for a part without my chair.

There’s do much you can do with these, limited only by your imagination. great for creating little hand-moulded plastic items without an expensive 3d printer, and so easy, the kids can do it. 

I used Fixits to repair the handles of two pairs of old but excellent quality stainless steel bladed dressmaking and kitchen scissors. Dishwashing them caused the rigid plastic handles to crack away from the blades. Fixits enabled me to repair the plastic and easily re-bind the handles to the blades saving an expensive replacement.

Love this stuff! This is great for electronics repairs and making tool handles ergonomic. we’ve used other putty before but it dries out or gets weird if you don’t need it all at once. this stores really well and you can use as much or as little as you need. It’s adjustable too! So less pressure.

My brother has trigger finger (aka stenosing tenosynovitis) where his thumb locks and can’t be bent without pain. he wears a big splint most of the time to immobilize the joint so it can heal on its own, but this interferes with his guitar playing. I used about half a stick of fixits to quickly mould a short splint that effectively immobalises just that joint, and now he’s back to playing as well as he ever did.