Mouldable eco-plastic fixing sticks. For when you're in a fix.

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What are FixIts?

FixIts are mouldable eco-plastic fixing sticks for your tech, home, garden and more.

So handy you’ll want them within arm’s reach no matter where you are, whether that’s your jeans pocket, kitchen drawer or toothbrush holder.

Reusable and compostable, FixIts can help you reduce waste and make the most of the resources you've got at hand too.

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1. Heat it: Put the kettle on and get your mug ready

2. Melt it: FixIts melts and becomes flexible at 62 C.

3. Mould it: FixIts can be moulded in any which way, shape or form.

Our Kickstarter backers said:

" Got mine in Germany and fixed a zipper on my suitcase. I'm positively surprised. Great product, easy handling and good quality. Definitely a product I'd buy when I run out of it. "

"Got mine in New Zealand - already created a handy hook for my PC headphones to dangle from!"

"Got mine in Switzerland and fixed my iPhone cable, works even better than imagined :-)"

"Got mine yesterday in Canada, already one cable repaired, so far it's amazing! Great job guys... I should have bought more!"

"Received mine a few days ago, USA. Used already to repair cracked electrical extension cable and our back door jam. Cant wait to order more."

Create anytime, anywhere.

Why buy things you like when you can make things you love? All you have to do is put the kettle on, make yourself a cup of FixIts and get hands-on.

Mend because you can.

You don’t need to be a DIY expert to give your stuff a new lease of life. FixIts melts, moulds and mends in minutes so you can say ‘I fixed it.’

Want to give it another go? Simply heat up to re-use for…

  • Tech

    Use FixIts to keep cables tidy and labelled or fix that broken charger.

  • Home & Garden

    Mend flowerpots, craft bespoke home décor or even create a hanging herb garden.

  • Adventure

    Don’t let broken camping or sports gear hold you back: Fix-It and keep doing the things you love.

Drill it, sand it, cut it and more.

There’s more to FixIts than twisting and moulding: once cooled it becomes hard and tough so you can get your tools out and modify it the way you want to.

You’re the hero, and FixIts is your handy companion when you’re needed to save the day.