Tape can't do it, glue can't do it, but FixIts can!

Tackle the problems no other DIY product can with this new home repair essential.

Our throw-away society is putting a strain on our planet, our pockets and our peace of mind. It’s all to do with companies producing too much stuff, products that aren’t built to last, and us lot buying things we don’t need. The good news is, waste is one of the really big problems we can do something about, and it starts with each and every one of us. If we buy less, pick products built to last when we do, and fix the things around us that wear and tear, we could have a chance to fix the system.

We know we can’t solve the whole problem, but we can do our bit with FixIts.

Simply heat it to shape it

Simply dunk FixIts into kettle boiled water for 1 minute (60ºC+), remove it, pinch off what you need and get fixing!

FixIts hardens as it cools so keep it warm (with a hairdryer, or by dipping it back into hot water) if you want to keep fixing. Or if you want to speed up your fix expose FixIts to cold air or water.

FixIts hardens from the outside in, so be sure to give your fix time to fully cool on the inside as well as the outside.

Use as much as you like, there's no waste with FixIts

FixIts is endlessly remouldable and it doesn't have an expiry date! This means you can keep it in your drawer, pencil case, toolbox, backpack, etc for as long as you like. FixIts is always ready to use when you need it!

Why you need FixIts

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