Heat it, dunk it, remove it, mould it

FixIts | Save money, save waste, save the planet

Reusable eco-plastic mouldable sticks, your everyday essential.

Heat it, dunk it, remove it! It really is as easy as that. Simply dunk your FixIts stick into hot water (60ºC+) for around one minute, remove it, pinch off what you need and get fixing. Don't bin it when you can FixIt, buy now!

You can watch our TV debut on "The customer is always right" on BBC iPlayer by clicking this link!

  • Fix It

    Strengthen and repair your frayed cables.

  • Fix It

    Repair snapped or damaged hooks.

  • Fix It

    Keep your watch ticking by repairing delicate parts.

  • Fix It

    Get a good night's sleep by fixing your broken bed.

  • Create It

    Make missing board game pieces a thing of the past by creating your own replacements.

  • Create It

    Make mealtimes more fun for your little one.

  • Create It

    Don't lose your lid when you've lost a cap, just create a new one.

  • Create It

    Shape helping hands to improve your creative workflow.

  • Adapt It

    Don't let a little wobble ruin your day, use FixIts to level everything off.

  • Adapt It

    Don't let your hand get cramped, use FixIts to adapt it to your needs.

  • Adapt It

    Make yourself more visible with FixIts.

  • Adapt It

    Steady your hand with a grip adapted to you.

Why you should use FixIts!

It's Eco Friendly

Made from a bioplastic compliant with European Regulation EN14995 for Compostability. You're not just saving a product from landfill by fixing it but doing so with a responsible material.

It's Reusable

Re-heat and re-mould FixIts as many times as you like. Either dunk back in hot water or use hot air from a hairdryer to reshape. Use as much or as little as you want.

It's Non Toxic

Our magical material doesn't leave any smell or residue as it doesn't contain any toxic ingredients. Even when heated in hot water it doesn't release anything that could harm you or the environment.

It's Quick

We believe it's the fastest fix around! Changing states from solid to softened and back to solid in around 5 minutes you really can fix things on the fly with FixIts.

Saves You Money

When you repair, you save money by not having to buy anything new! One FixIts stick can also be used for many fixes as it's not a single use product.

No Use By Date

Keep FixIts in your drawer, pencil case or toolbox for as long as you like. FixIts will be ready to use no matter how long you leave it there, just heat it to shape it.

Use as much as you want

FixIts doesn't have a shelf life when living in your home, so use as much or as little as you want to make one stick last many fixes.

Launched on Kickstarter

Raising over 700% of our goal in 30 days from around 3000 backers globally, FixIts has established itself as a product for the new decade.

Check out our Kickstarter instructional video to the left or visit our kickstarter page here.

Small inconveniences, fixed.

Sometimes it's the small things that break most. These are often cheap to repurchase and replace, even when they're still 99% perfect. Show your stuff some love and FixIts it up.

Don't just take our word for it...

Check out some of our testimonials from our global network of fixers.

"Got mine in Germany and fixed a zipper on my suitcase. I'm positively surprised. Great product, easy handling and good quality. Definitely a product I'd buy when I run out of it."

"Got mine in New Zealand - already created a handy hook for my PC headphones to dangle from!"

"Got mine in Switzerland and fixed my iPhone cable, works even better than imagined :-)"

"Got mine yesterday in Canada, already one cable repaired, so far it's amazing! Great job guys... I should have bought more!"

"Received mine a few days ago, USA. Used already to repair cracked electrical extension cable and our back door jam. Cant wait to order more."

You have to feel it to believe it

It still amazes us when we see people react to FixIts for the first time. It's like nothing you've ever experienced before as you watch this solid stick become this soft putty that you can stretch and shape in your hands.

It truly is a magical material that can be used for so many different things.

6 Beautiful Colours

FixIts currently comes in 6 stunning colours that you can mix to marble or create completely new shades. 

We don't intend to stop here though, we're always working on new colours and applications, so if you have any suggestions be sure to let us know!

Become your home fixing hero

With FixIts you can save all sorts of products from the bin! Don't worry about how it looks, repair is noble and there's beauty in the blob!

As seen on

Most recently featured on BBC One's The customer is always right which you can read about and watch by going to our journal.

As seen on
FixIts on BBC One's "The customer is always right"