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Perfect fit

Love em but they don’t work as described

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Anthony Allfrey
They work

Repaired a Glasses Arm joint to spectacle section & has so fat lasted 2 weeks so far. They look very useful for a lot of things.

Does exactly what it says on the packet …… Fixed It. An arm on my glasses broke. I did tape it up, but then did it with a black FixIt and it can hardly be seen and does the job really well. Thanks.


This product has already saved me money. Fixed an irrigation system and a hose fitting. Brilliant product

Fantastic product

Applications are nearly endless! Love fix its.

Thanks alot Derrick! We are glad you see the potential.

Did just the job!

Amongst a large collection of crochet hooks, I have a straight, metal one, which I wanted to use for Tunisian crochet, but it needed an end on it, to stop me losing stitches. Following the instructions, I used a small amount of the orange, and voila! A useful end, which can be removed when needed (or not!); with the added bonus of being the same colour as the scissors I use 😁

Many thanks Mandy for your wonderful review. We are really pleased you found FixIts usfull and I am sure it will give other customers ideas.

Does what it claims.

Thought I would try this and was very pleasantly surprised. It does exactly what it claims to do.

Thanks Gregory for the positive feedback.

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Gareth Phillips
Useful stuff

Easy to use and very handy to have in the toolbox.

Thank you Gareth! Indeed we think every toolbox should have one.

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Bryonny Templeman
Flip flops

Perfect tool to fix a flip flop. Still holding strong after a weeks wear!

Thanks so Bryonny for sharing this. That's a great repair for such an expensive product. Can we share this on our social media?

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Meryl Blackman
HELP I'VE forgotten how to use them

I'm not sure how to use them? it was a while from seeing the ad to receiving them. SO I would be very grateful, for any instructions.

Hi Meryl, its super easy. Dunk a stick or a small part -if you don't need to use the whole stick- into a cup of hot water, the hotter the faster it will soften. Then remove and shape the softened material into your repair. When using it just keep in mind that its not a glue so you need to wrap it around the part you want to fix.

Not a good start

Bought a tin of mixed colours, with the intention to experiment with Fixits. I like the idea behind them, and I’m a big fan of Sugru, which I used a lot of, but which is much harder to order, and much more expensive these days
Unfortunately when the package arrived it was completely crushed, almost like it had been half run over. This destroyed the tin, and squashed some of the Fixits, but the plastic was salvageable
Since then, I’ve been waiting to use them. I’ve had a couple of repairs I’ve looked at, but I found I couldn’t use the plastic, I had to use my very limited supply of Sugru instead e.g repairing a pot handle, fixing a house number to a metal door, filling in and repairing a broken strut etc. So I’ve found Fixits very limited so far with how I can use it, especially as it doesn’t have sticky properties, and could melt. I still think the concept is ok, and it’s good to have Fixits in reserve. I just haven’t found a reason to use them yet.

HI Andrew, I am really sorry the tin arrived damaged. These things are out of out control but I'll ensure a replacement is sent to you.

We love what Jane created with her brand Sugru and building her community of repairing and addapting. Although FixIts is not a glue, like Sugru it does offer some unique advantages. For example if you don't immediatly find anything to repair, its not a problem as FixIts do not expire. In case you want to fine tune or remove Fixits from your repair it can easliy be reused by just heating it up again. I am sure you will find uses for FIxIts and if you check our our Instagram account you find lots of ideas. We are happy to help with any tips or suggestions.

Not used it yet

Handy woman 🙌

Love fixits - so handy for around the home 🤗

Thanks so much for your positive feebback Michelle!

FixIts | Pack of 8 sticks
Shirley Wardlow

FixIts | Pack of 8 sticks

Did not work as described. Very disappointed.

Dear Martine, could you please let us know what you were trying to use Fixits for?

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Bryan Mitchell
Woul've been 5 stars but you sent pack of 3 all white sticks

I used Fixit to repair the speed selector on my ebike which had broken in an accident. I needed something that would fill and repair hard plastic. I tried using the hotwater method to soften the stick but it wasn't very successful as maleability wore off very quickly. So, I resorted to the hair dryer to soften the stck and that was much more effective. The speed controller was successfully repaired, the broken parts are joined together seemingly solidly. My main grouse is the repair is very obvious because the stick is white when the order was for 3 colour, one of which was black.
In short, using hot water to soften the stick was not very effective, the hair dryer method was far better

Hi Bryan, sorry you didn't get the product you wanted. Did you order it from the FixIts website? We will send you the correct pack.

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
simon crawford
Did not work.

I used these to try and fix a split in the bottom of a hard plastic wheelbarrow. It did not work, so sorry to say I would not buy again.

HI Simon, what was the issue maybe we can help? It sounds like perhaps you wanted to glue it the wheelbarrow. In which case FixIts is not a glue. Happy to give advice if you could send a photo.


A sticky little stick!

I thought the stick would be sticky, and was worried I'd get stuck
But the stick was firm but gooey, my hands kept free from muck.
I heated it and squelched it, and squirmed it in to shape
I moulded my rod of Fixit, forgetting glue or tape.

My Fixit gunk is tacky, it affixes good and strong
Following the instructions, nothing could go wrong
My broken useless gadget, now as good as new
This Fixit is so much better than a tube of super glue.

And so now I deliberately break things, my Fixit to employ
'Cause using it to fix things, is like playing with a toy
It's fun and it's engaging, the stress just falls away
I love my rod of Fixit, I use it every day.

The repairs are strong and durable, they stand the test of time
The only thing this stuff can't fix is this pathetic rhyme
But glasses fixed, and keyfob too, all things are so much better
and so my thanks I give to you, by this funny little letter.

Thanks Mark for your more than fantastic review and rhyme. I do despair when customers don’t understand the need to repair but your rhyme is full of tips for our wonderful sticks.

Easy to use with an excellent result

So simple to use and the end result is perfect. I made stoppers on our roller blinds and they work.

What a fantastic repair Emmie. Thats the first time. we have seen FixIts used this way. Thanks for sharing.

FixIts | Pack of 8 sticks
Just as described.

I'm always sceptical and think that things which seem too good to be true are not worth the time and money, but these people offer 100 day money-back guarantees. The fixits do exactly what they claim. Soften easily in hot water, easy to mould into place, and hard as nails once set. I'm very impressed. I'll be buying these as gifts for people in the future.

Great solution to all my broken items

Good product but price gone up

I like the product and was waiting for them to come back into stock. Was disappointed with the new price point.

This product is absolutely easy to use, and the fact that it is reusable as well as being toxin free, it means that you can use it, without any harm to yourself or the environment, which is a big plus.

Would love to say Fixits work on everything but it just doesn't !!!