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Excellent product- I love mending things rather then throwing them away and this amazing stuff is so versatile


So far this has save us paying to get our window fixed as repaired a dent in the bracket so the window shuts correctly, repaired my sons blind cable and was great to be able to remold when it was not quite right, and tempoarly repaired my headset for work while I awaited a new one. Amazing product.

Hi, bought your 8pack of black and white. Just used the black to make a new end connector for my large umbrella. The bit which has the rainproof material sewn onto the end of the ribs had broken, so out came the FixIt stick and into hot water, then moulded a tiny replacement and stitched it all together. Great to use and it does not go off if you don't use it straight away.

Simple and reliable

I love these and I am so glad I bought these. They have helped to fix garden tools a cracked handle making it stronger and now it is like new.

The must have solution for unexpected fixes!

I bought my Fixits sticks to help my kids on a craft project. Since then I have used them on an a number of occasions that have ranged from ad-hoc repairs, wire managment to improving the ergonomic of a small latch. It is one of those things that I need to know I have around even if I don't know how I will use it, like flour, string, glue, or oil.

Repairs and fixes

I have used the fixit 4 times now. First to make a new ear for an ornament that had snapped clean off. Secondly to repair my glasses. Thirdly to fix a handle onto an old sive I use to clean debris from the pond and lastly by pushing it inside a door handle knob, making an invisible repair. Excellent stuff.

Did the job!

We used the Fixits as end stoppers for some curtain rails, as the curtains kept slipping off the ends. They did the job perfectly and the white matched the colour of the curtain rail for an almost invisible repair.


As the title suggests I think these eco plastic sticks are fab! They fix things that are otherwise a complete nightmare to mend.
I saw them on a FB advert and was slightly dubious but they weren’t too expensive so I thought I’d try them to fix a plastic tractor-trailer where trailer was destined for the tip as we couldn’t fix with glue. They’ve fixed the trailer so well and can now withstand my girls dragging heavy loads around the garden. We’ve also fixed our freezer drawers, scissors, can opener and I’m sure we’ll come up with more uses soon.

Very good to have at home

Good for fixing small things, but also great as improv shock absorbers where you have a surface you don't want to scratch.

Ingenious Product

Works as advertised - brilliant!

Thought I'd have more use for them

Participated in the Kickstarter and thought it was a great idea. I confess I haven't had a situation where I felt I needed them, so more than half are still in the drawer.

Hey there, sorry you haven't found much use for them yet, so we'd like to point you towards our 'little book of FixIts'. Here you'll find some inspiration, top tips and more to inspire you :)

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FixIts | Packs of 3 sticks
Melanie Ellender
Amazing little gadget

I first saw this product on a TV programme, I ordered some straight away as they are such an amazing, versatile product. I’ve used mine to fix many things - so easy to use. Every home should have a pack.

Great for a quick fix

Backed Fixits when they were on Kickstarter. The Fixit sticks are pretty handy. Fixed a few things around the house that couldn't really quick able to fix with conventional glue or even Superglue of any kind. I even used it to reinforce a few items that I didn't want it to break but don't really care about the look. Great product for things that would otherwise just be a hot garbage fix with duct tapes.

Worked well

I think I got mine back when they were in Kickstarter. They have worked for everything I used them for.

FixIts | Packs of 3 sticks
Constantinos Christou
A great, practical gift

Great gift for tech lovers

It works (for my needs)

I used them to recover some cables I needed!

Excellent reusable product,beats the short life rubbery sugru imo...

Great for many things that sugru won’t fix, it also is reusable and has no shelf life, I have had many sugru packs pass the use by, when needed it is a sachet of hard set rubber. This is far more plastic like so better for many fixes and can be reheated and remoulded. Nice colours too. I’ll have to dig mine out as I still have a couple of sticks. Tough as old boots and a good U.K product funded on Kickstarter...🙂

It works

Managed to extend the life of some cables

Loved it!

Love this product!
Excellent for fixing phone charging cable and also moulded a lip on a music stand to stop the music falling down.
It does need a little practice to get it just so but that’s not a problem as just Re-heated with the hair dryer and started again.

It seemed okay

I used a stick once and it was fun and seemed to work okay to extend the life of a recharge-cable for a bit. Didn't find use of it outside that one time though and I've since lost the pack. Idunno, the product's okay I guess?

Awesome product

The product was easy to use helped to fix

Not as good and sticky as I thought

Sorry to hear about your experience with FixIts John. It's important to remember that FixIts is not a glue and so will not 'stick' like a glue does (except to a few materials where it forms a chemical style bond when hot).

FixIts works best when wrapped around things to form strong mechanical repairs. Hopefully in the future you'll find a great use for your FixIts!

Brilliant - Every home should have some

These are an amazing invention. I saw these whilst watching the BBC program, introducing new investors, which 3 sets of people had a chance to test and then rate. The fixits won, which is hardly surprising. They fix things that can’t be fixed with super glue or Velcro. Some of the things that I’ve used it to fix are cables , especially chargers where the outside casing has split, straps on an exercise bike, and only the other day, I use it to secure the ball on to the joystick of my electric wheelchair. (where super glue had failed to work). Whoever invented them is very clever. I especially like the concept that the sticks can be reheated and used again. Any waste can be reheated and used again. I cannot rate these fix sticks highly enough!

Great product!

The product has been great of two or three little jobs, and solved problems that I couldn't really have sorted out any other way - however, due to circumstances beyond my control, work on my very old house has come to a standstill at the moment! As soon as it does resume, I am sure I will be in touch!

Tolles Reparaturwerkzeug!

Ich habe die Fixits schon oft eingesetzt. Einfach in heißen Wasser erweichen und die gewünschte Form modellieren. Für schnelle Reparaturen unterwegs eine tolle Sache! Verified Reviews Badge
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