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FixIts 8 Pack

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FixIts 8 Pack

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Save your broken products from entering landfill by using FixIts to strengthen, repair and refresh your stuff. Designed and Manufactured in the UK, endlessly reusable, made from a non-toxic and compostable bioplastic; FixIts are sure to become your new home hero! 

Heat It, Dunk It, Leave It, Remove It, Mould It

Super easy to use, simply Heat it, Dunk it (for 1 minute), Remove it and get fixing, creating, adapting and more. You can heat it using kettle boiled water (in a glass or ceramic cup) or with a hairdryer on hot (really useful for smaller fixes). Not only that but any leftover pieces you have can be saved and reheated later. 

Check out our Little book of FixIts to learn all about how to use our magical material

This pack comes with 8 individual 10g sticks.

Key Features:

- A Single FixIts stick can hold over 16kg of weight 

- FixIts can be reheated endlessly

- FixIts doesn't have an expiry date, so you don't have to rush to use it

- Different colours can be combined to create new colours or patterned effects

- Is tough, impact resistant and hard wearing

- Can be textured and painted on, perfect for model making and miniatures

- Can be made thin (and flexible) or thick (and stiff)

- Each stick is 150mm x 16mm x 3.5mm

- FixIts is electrically insulating, but we advise you to stick to household electrical items under 24 volts.

One FixIts stick can hold over 16KG


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Really good

The problem is you don’t use them very often and in some situations it’s impossible to re use them as the item cant be re heated . Used them to repair drawer rail in freezer worked a treat.. clear ones would be good so you don’t have to colour match and you could use on glass and plastic lens covers on cars

Works well

My old elephant has tusks now! Works great.

Love this stuff!

This is great for electronics repairs and making tool handles ergonomic. We’ve used other putty before but it dries out or gets weird if you don’t need it all at once. This stores really well and you can use as much or as little as you need. It’s adjustable too! So less pressure.

So far the repairs and tool handle adjustments we’ve done have had no problems with cracking or getting out of place or anything else like that. The colours are fun and easy to “mix” or keep conservative.

Definitely recommend this product if it’s along the lines of what you need!

Easy Thumb Splint

My brother has trigger finger (aka stenosing tenosynovitis) where his thumb locks and can’t be bent without pain. He wears a big splint most of the time to immobilise the joint so it can heal on its own, but this interferes with his guitar playing. I used about half a stick of FixIts to quickly mould a short splint that effectively immobilises just that joint, and now he’s back to playing as well as he ever did.

I put a small piece of fabric over his thumb, warmed up the FixIts stick in a cup of water heated in the microwave, then gently squeezed the plastic over that joint, making a perfectly fitting ring brace. A quick dunk in some cold water hardened it. My first try was a little loose, so I just reheated it and squeezed it on again till it was perfect. It’s very easy to mould into any shape with your bare hands while it’s still warm, then hardens at room temperature.