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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to find out more about FixIts? - we've included some FAQs below

Health and Safety

FixIts is non-toxic and is safe to handle. We advise adult supervision when using FixIts with hot water and to be aware of any small pieces created or any left over FixIts as it may present a choking hazard for small children.

Yes, FixIts is an insulator of electricity. It has a poor electrical conductivity with a value of 3.76 x 10.7 ohms-1 cm-1. We don't recommend using FixIts on electrical cables above 24 volts, so stick to small consumer electronics. 

Please don't use FixIts in any scenario with electricity where the temperature will cause FixIts to soften again exposing live wiring. Please also do not repair consumer electronics with FixIts whilst it is connected to a live electricity supply.

FixIts Sticks

FixIts does not have a use by or expiry date. It'll always be ready for you to fix with, whether that's now or in 3 years. It's endlessly remouldable, so use as much or as little as you want and save the rest for later. You can also reheat existing uses of FixIts and turn them into something new whenever you want.

FixIts is not a glue, it is a reusable bioplastic! FixIts will not bond to smooth materials such as glass, but it does bond really well to some materials such as fabric. It does this by wrapping around the small fibres whilst softened. Once cooled and hardened FixIts will have mechanically bonded to the fibres. 

FixIts also forms a strong, but often non permanent bond to some plastics (it's like a really strong grip) so we always suggest trying FixIts on a small sample first.

FixIts can be used in conjunction with glues though, so you can make things with FixIts and then glue them to other things.

FixIts sticks takes approximately 1 minute to become fully soft in kettle boiled water. Do not heat in a plastic vessel as heated FixIts can bond to some plastics. Always use ceramic or glass vessels as any bits that stick when hot will come off when cooled.

Please note: When reheating FixIts the time to become fully softened can be shorter or longer depending on how thick or thin FixIts is; the heat source used and temperature used.

Any heat source above 60 degrees Celsius / 140 degrees Fahrenheit will soften FixIts. You can heat up FixIts using hot air from a hair dryer for example. We usually use kettle boiled water to heat FixIts and then do more detailed work with a hairdryer; which is perfect when trying to use small amounts of FixIts or using it in thin pieces.

Do not heat FixIts beyond 200 degrees Celsius / 390 degrees Fahrenheit!

We recommend using ceramic or glass vessels as any bits that stick when hot will come off when cooled. Ceramics are particularly good for using with FixIts as they will retain heat better so you won't have to get fresh boiled water as often.

If heating with a hair dryer or hot air gun then there's no need to keep FixIts in any vessel, but we usually only use this method once FixIts is applied onto whatever we're fixing and want to keep it in it's softened state.

Do not heat in a plastic vessel as heated FixIts can bond to some plastics.

FixIts can be endlessly reheated so if you make a mistake, want to reuse left over pieces, or make something totally new you can reheat it and remould it.

Yes, FixIts colours can be mixed together when in their softened states. You can partially mix them and create a nice marbled pattern (this is particularly nice with our white and black sticks) or you can keep mixing them together until you create a new colour (you may have to reheat it whilst you're doing this). 

If you want to give FixIts a specific colour, then you can paint on top of it using acrylic paints.

This depends on the ambient temperature of the air, how hot the FixIts is, and how thick / thin the FixIts is. FixIts cools from the outside in so you can speed up the cooling process by running your formed shape under a cold tap or slow down the cooling process by continuously exposing or intermittently exposing to heat (by using hot air or dunking into hot water for example).

At room temperature we find that you usually have a couple of minutes to work with FixIts. Remember that the outside cools down before the inside, so you may have to leave thicker pieces a bit longer to fully cool down inside. 

Please note: FixIts shrinks by about 1% between it's fully molten state and fully solid state. So when using for mechanical purposes, such as on a screw thread, allow FixIts to fully cool before manipulating it.

Each FixIts stick is 150mm x 16mm x 4mm and weighs approximately 10g.

FixIts is made using a non-toxic, inert material that does not have a scent or smell. It is completely odourless.

These are most prominent on the white sticks on the side with the instructions on them. These are minor artefacts from the production process that we are working to fully resolve in the future.

For the time being please note that these will disappear when you heat your fixits stick and mould the material. They will not effect the colour of your FixIts when soft and folded into itself. 

Environment and sustainability

EN-14995 is a standard set out by the European Union in regards compostability of Plastic Waste. It is derived from EN-13432. 

"Following the development of the EU Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste (94/62/EC), an EU harmonized standard for compostable and biodegradable packaging - EN 13432:2000 – “Packaging: requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation”- was introduced in 2000.  It was adopted by national standards bodies in many of the European Union Member States, for example published as BS EN 13432 by the British Standards Institution, the ‘BS’ prefix meaning ‘British Standard’. Its scope is specifically compostability and anaerobic digestability of packaging.  

Packaging products that conform to the ‘compostable’ criteria of the relevant standard are suitable for composting (the tests simulate industrial scale composting conditions) and those that conform to it’s anaerobic digestion criteria are suitable for that method of organic recovery. "

"For non-packaging plastics a ‘sister’ standard exists: EN 14995:2006 – “Plastics. Evaluation of compostability. Test scheme and specifications”.  The tests and pass / fail criteria in EN14995 are exactly the same as those in EN13432, the only difference being that it applies to any plastic material or product which is not packaging." 

Read the full citation here

Before disposal we recommend reheating and reusing FixIts on another project. If you do decide that it's time that FixIts was decomposed, first remove as much material as you can from the existing application (if relevant) by reheating it using either hot water or hot air. Then dispose of FixIts in your garden waste collection bin (or local equivalent) where you waste services will take it to an industrial composting site where FixIts will be able to fully compost.

FixIts are manufactured in the UK using materials sourced from within the UK. Where possible we will always aim to manufacture locally in order to reduce the ecological impact involved with shipping our product.

FixIts are shipped from the UK.

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