FixIts | Packs of 3 sticks

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  • Get fixing with this pack of 8 FixIts sticks.

    1. Easy and Fast to use
    2. Endlessly remouldable
    3. Manufactured in the UK
    4. Compostable to EN 14995

    Simply heat FixIts in kettle boiled water for around 1 minute and see it go soft. Keep warm by dunking again or using hot air (from a hairdryer for example) to extend the working time.

    Use FixIts to repair your broken stuff, adapt to make things better or create replacement parts!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mio Mitchinson
Love it except for bubbles

It’s quite tricky to mould the softened plastic as it sticks to stuff (not hand, but things like rolling pins) if made too soft and hardens too quickly if not warmed enough. (I wasn’t using it to fix anything and rather was creating something) but the great thing is that you can warm it up again to re-do. The issue here is the bubbles trapped inside the plastic, they make the surface of the end product very ugly. Also when created multiple parts, I expected them to stick with each other easily but it wasn’t the case. A nice tip for this sort of manipulation would be great.

Paul Banks

Only just getting used to these but they are fantastic and easy to use, what a great invention, would recommend to anyone .

Ian Barnes
Easy to use

Easy to use and sets quickly. Surprised how rock hard the plastic sets, very strong.
In Australia, it might soften a bit in Summer if used on something outside.

Dave Nothard
Give it a chance

Tried to re-attach toilet float ball to its stub but the surface area not great and hard to use soft fix-it to cold wet plastic. Worked for a while

Jane Murton
Supar fast delivery

Great product and service

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