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FixIts 3 Packs

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FixIts 3 Packs

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Heat It, Dunk It, Remove It, Mould It!

3 easy steps to follow! Dunk the sticks into hot water (60+ degrees celsius) for 1 minute, remove it, pinch off what you need and get fixing! Perfect for Home Improvements, DIY, Crafts, Model Making, Repairs, Home Hacks and much more!

Endlessly Reusable

No expiry date! Just reheat using hot water, a hair dryer, or a heat gun and remould it in any way you want! When you repair you save money!

It's Versatile

This magical material is weather resistant and impact resistant as well as electrically insulating. Strengthen and repair frayed cables, repair snapped or damaged hooks, create missing board game pieces or make mealtimes more fun! The possibilities are endless!

Environmentally Friendly

Fixits sticks are made from a bioplastic compliant with EU Regulation EN14995 making them compostable! No toxic ingredients are used meaning there's no horrible smell or residue when reheated!

Easy Storage

Each stick is 149mm x 15mm x 3mm and comes in a variety of colours and can be stored in a variety of places, from your toolbox, to the kitchen draw or even in your pencil case making this perfect for everyday use!

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