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FixIts holiday

A thousand summer uses

Summer’s almost sorted. You’re getting everything packed and ready, when suddenly you realise: the spade is broken! What do you do?

Easy, you pull out your trusty pack of FixIts from your kitchen essentials drawer. Because FixIts can save your summer (and even help you save money not having to buy so much new stuff).  

What's more, don't forget to pack your FixIts sticks for your holiday as you never know when they'll come in handy:

fix broken spade

Let’s call a spade a spade

Have your FixIts to hand just in case any of those summer essentials trip you up. Use it to fix a spade handle, a broken bucket, a beach ball air valve, a volley ball net, your luggage case handle, a special key fob, passport holder…

No more goggly eyes

Your goggles broke? No need
to bin them or buy another pair, just FixIts them!

Make a hook

Hooked on that summer feeling

Hooks are essential in the summer! They’re so useful for so many things. Turn your FixIts into a fantastic looking hook for one of those essential I-just-need-to-hang-this-up moments

make hook for tent

Carry on camping

FixIts can help sort out old tents, sleeping bag zips, hooks for torches, cables…

fix fishing net

Don’t forget the crabbing net

It wouldn’t be summer without a lot of excitement, a big sense of adventure and a whole load of curiosity. Crabbing nets at the ready (fixed, thanks to FixIts).

fix a broken zip

Fix a broken zipper pull

It can be frustrating when a zipper pull snaps and comes apart leaving you with nothing to hold onto to open your zipper. With FixIts and a paperclip you can create a new pull in under 5 minutes. 

Fix broken bag buckle

Fix a Broken Bag Buckle

Sometimes that plastic buckle that holds your bag straps snaps and you're left with no easy way to join them back together. Luckily FixIts is strong enough to hold them together and can fix it back to new in less than 10 minutes.

FixIts jute bag

Pack your (jute) bag!

Don’t forget, all you need to get your FixIts going is some hot water and a bit of imagination. So you can do your fixes before you go, or take your FixIts with you and do them from there. Grab one of our FixIts jute bags to keep your leftover bits in.  

From thrift shop finds to eBay second hand markets. The stigma of buying old is becoming less than buying new. Whilst we're still not totally over that hump, there are a bunch of things you can do to buying old instead of new.
We're producing more and more waste each year, so why isn't there an economy around turning that waste back into usable products? Why are we throwing away refined, pure materials, instead of turning it into something new out of the old?
To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we thought we’d ask some of the amazing women of FixIts about their repair habits. We were so fascinated, and inspired, by what they said.