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Projects & Inspiration

Check out our ideas of how to re-use no longer needed fixes - save money, time and have oodles of fun! 
Sometimes things snap or bend, becoming useless. Repair them using FixIts - it takes less that 2 minutes!  FixIts cools to form a hard structural fix to repair things that tape and glue can't!
It can be frustrating when a zipper pull snaps and comes apart leaving you with nothing to hold onto to open your zipper. With FixIts and a paperclip you can create a new pull in under 5 minutes. 
It happens to all of us, cable frays exposing the shielding and we know that it's nearing the end of it's life... or is it? With FixIts you can quickly wrap over that fray and strengthen your cable so it's good as new again!
Sometimes that plastic buckle that holds your bag straps snaps and you're left with no easy way to join them back together. Luckily FixIts is strong enough to hold them together and can fix it back to new in less than 10 minutes.
Repair snapped parts by creating new solid sections using FixIts. In this blog post, we show you how to fix a chipped smartphone cover using FixIts.