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How to Fix a Broken Bag Buckle

  • 2 min read

Before and After - bag buckle fix using fixits

Sometimes that plastic buckle that holds your bag straps snaps and you're left with no easy way to join them back together. Luckily FixIts is strong enough to hold them together and can fix it back to new in less than 10 minutes. 

What you'll need?

  • A kettle or a pan on a hob to boil water
  • A glass or ceramic cup (avoid plastics as FixIts can stick to it)
  • FixIts sticks.


Step 1  - Soften the FixIts stick

Four easy steps, Heat water, Dunk you FixIts for at least one minute in the hot water, remove your FixIts, Pinch off what you need.

Soften FixIts stick process image


Step 2 -  Mould a small cylinder from FixIts

Start by rolling a small blob of FixIts between your fingers into a cylindrical shape. Make it a little bit larger than the length of the bag loop, so that the other bits of moulded FixIts can attach to it. Wait until the FixIts cylinder has cooled and hardened and slide it into the bag loop to check whether it fits in it properly.

Using the FixIts cylinder you made as a guide, mould the other two arms of the buckle. Top tip: cool your shaped FixIts quickly in cold water.

Fixits bag buckle repair


Step 3 - Dip the ends into hot water and attach them together.

Dip the ends of the moulded FixIts into hot water (or use a hairdryer on hot), when they have softened, attach the arms together - as shown below. Smooth out the edges with your finger.

FixIts bag buckle fix


Step 4 - Slide the partially completed buckle into the loop

Slide the partially completed buckle into both the loops of your bag, and use this as a guide (length and thickness) to mould the final arm of the buckle.

FixIts bag buckle fix.


Step 5 - Attach the fourth arm of the buckle

Dip the ends of the FixIts buckle into hot water or use a hairdryer on hot to soften them and finally mould them together. Top tip: Use a hairdryer to add some finishing touches (smoothening out the edges, shaping the arms of the buckle, etc..)

Bag buckle fix - FixIts

Good as New!

Bag buckle fixed using fixits

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