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fix broken mop

College is a great time to get into the fixing habit. It’s clever too, it can help save money because you don’t need to buy new stuff all the time. Plus you get to impress your new

Imagine if everyone going to college this September came out with an A+ in fixing? We can fix the bigger stuff by starting with the small things.

To get you, or a college starter you know, on your way, here are our Five FixIts Top Tips for college fixes.

Gift for going to uni

Tins of beans, frying pan, FixIts…

A pack of FixIts is as essential as the toilet roll. Add it to your college shop, or someone’s you know who’s about to hop off to college, and make a new lifelong fixer.

FixIts hook

Hooked on learning?

FixIts is handy for making those things you couldn’t have anticipated before you left. Have a go at creating hooks for cables, clothes, revision notes and more!

Fix glasses

Fix those specs

You won’t get too far if your glasses break half way through term time. FixIts is great for matching the hard-plastic feel of specs. Easy to mould. Limited only by your imagination. (And eyesight, perhaps.)

fix charger cable

Get plugged in

Cables really can weaken through wear and tear, right? Extend their life by wrapping round a bit of softened
FixIts, and avoid the costs of buying new.

fix broken airer

Learn your washing lines

It wouldn’t be college without a broken washing airer or two. FixIts to the rescue! It’s such a versatile and easy-to-use tool for things you’d least expect.

FixIts gift tin

FixIts gift tin

Don’t forget, all you need to get your FixIts going is some hot water and a bit of imagination. Perfect for college and uni, our gift tins with 12 sticks are the ideal sending off gift for the next stage of their lives.

From thrift shop finds to eBay second hand markets. The stigma of buying old is becoming less than buying new. Whilst we're still not totally over that hump, there are a bunch of things you can do to buying old instead of new.
We're producing more and more waste each year, so why isn't there an economy around turning that waste back into usable products? Why are we throwing away refined, pure materials, instead of turning it into something new out of the old?
To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we thought we’d ask some of the amazing women of FixIts about their repair habits. We were so fascinated, and inspired, by what they said.