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Eco friendly

It's Eco Friendly

Made from a bioplastic compliant to European regulation EN14995 for compostability, you’re not just saving a product from landfill by fixing but doing so with a responsible material.


It's Reusable

Re-heat it and remould it as many times as you like. Either dunk back in hot water or use hot air from a hairdryer to reshape. Use as much or as little as you want.

It's Non Toxic

FixIts is bio-compatible and doesn’t leave any smell or residue on you as nothing in it is toxic. Even when heated in hot water it doesn’t release anything that could harm you or the environment.

It's Quick

We believe it’s the fastest fix around! Changing states from solid to softened back to solid in around 5 minutes; you really can fix things on the fly with FixIts

Saves You Money

When you repair you save money by not having to buy anything new! Not only that, but one FixIts stick can be used for many fixes as it’s not a single use product.

No Use By Date

Keep FixIts in your drawer, pencil case or toolbox for as long as you want. FixIts will be ready to use no matter how long you leave it there, just heat it to shape it.