Does what tape and glue can't!

Meet the incredible new DIY kitchen drawer essential to tackle any kind of I don’t have time for this to be broken in and out of your home. 

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College is a great time to get into the fixing habit. It’s clever too, it can help save money because you don’t need to buy new stuff all the time. Plus you get to impress your new friends!

Imagine if everyone going to college this September came out with an A+ in fixing? We can fix the bigger stuff by starting with the small things.

To get you, or a college starter you know, on your way, here are our Five FixIts Top Tips for college fixes.

This time of year, the fixes are as likely to be outside as in. Pop some Fixits into your back pocket and get ready to spruce up your jungle. Wobbly wheelbarrow? Tired trowel? Hanging basket barely hanging on? Not a problem with shape-shifting FixIts.  

Summer’s almost sorted. You’re getting everything packed and ready, when suddenly you realise: the spade is broken! What do you do?

Simply heat it to shape it

Simply dunk FixIts into kettle boiled water for 1 minute (60ºC+), remove it, pinch off what you need and get fixing!

FixIts hardens as it cools so keep it warm (with a hairdryer, or by dipping it back into hot water) if you want to keep fixing. Or if you want to speed up your fix expose FixIts to cold air or water.

FixIts hardens from the outside in, so be sure to give your fix time to fully cool on the inside as well as the outside.

Oh, just make sure to heat in a glass or ceramic vessel as FixIts can adhere to some plastics.