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We used this product on our fish tank filter to stop small fish getting lost in there! It was so easy to use and a great product to have it the shed! Love it - thank you so much

Great idea

Having seen this on DD I bought a 3 pack. Used to fix a broken wooden bed table, Easy to use but would not stick to the wood, so was atattched using 2 small screws.. This may not look very pretty but it has done the job. Thank you guys for a clever invention.. Also a quick delivery time.

Hi Terry thanks for the wonderful review and sharing your fix. Honestly it’s the first time I’ve seen it being used in this way with the screws so we will definitely try some more of this type of fix.

Thanks for supporting FixIts!

All the best, Chris

Not used yet

Not used yet, but I’m sure it will be a very useful addition to DIY. Excellent service!

Thanks very much Netty. Chris


I’d been very hopeful this would be the solution to a broken part. I followed instructions but could not get the ‘stick’ to bend/mould very much at all. I also tried bending while still in water (it does harden quickly out of water). Am I doing something wrong???

Hi Ruth,

Did you keep the stick in hot water for around one minute? If you use freshly boiled water it will go soft faster. Please do let me know if you need any more help.

All the best,

No Response

Still not used

Fixed what I wanted

Bought it to fix my mac charging cable and it has done the job and feels very secure

Thanks Andrew for providing the positive feedback. Thanks for your support.

All the best, Chris

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Disappointed John
Not as stated

I was very didappointed. It was bought for a specific repair, but did not adhere to the surface.

Hi John, FixIts does what glue doesn't and it should not be used as a glue. Could you let me know what you were trying to repair. I'm more than happy to offer advice.

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Richard Hutchings
Very good

I had to fix a broken enclosed nut on the the light cluster on motorbike. I tried araldite, super glue, sugra and various other glues, and plastic fixings. None actually worked. When the fixits sticks arrived I thought they wouldn’t work, but literally 1 minute in boiling water, a quick mole in the palm of my hand and then fitted it. It blends in with the ABS plastic and actually works. 100% better than other types of mouldable plastic.

Thanks Richard and super pleased that we were able to help in ways that other products couldn’t. If you have a photo that would be great. Thanks for supporting FixIts! All the best, Chris

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Timothy Rhodes
Ignore my last review. Just checked post box, they’ve arrived. Not used yet.

Ignore my last review. Just checked post box, they’ve arrived. Not used yet.


Tried the 3 pack found it works great so I have just ordered a bigger pack and one for my friend

Thanks Peter for the feedback. Chris

Best service ever

When Royal Mail failed to deliver my Fixit order they delivered a second package just a week later. Thank you. I have yet to use it but if it’s as good as the customer service it will be brilliant

Hi Mary, I'm glad it finally arrived. Once the products are dispatched its out of our hands but I really appreciate your review. I value yours and all our customers support so I'm working to make sure I can do all I can to help. Chris

Looking forward to using them. Haven't tried them yet

Brilliant product

I am a semi professional craft person looking for ways to reduce the use of plastic in my making . This product has virtually eliminated throw away plastic waste in one area of my work. Ingenious, easy to use and so good it can be reused indefinitely.

Hi Julie, we love hearing about these types of uses. As you are working in the area of craft would you be able to share your uses? Chris

Excellent product

The name says it all. Great for small fixes on just about any broken thing

Many thanks Peter for the positive review. all the best, Chris

I now don't need a 3D printer

Those little fixes that I put on the back burner because I don't have a 3D printer can now be tackled one by one at a fraction of the cost. It is up there with the other best things since sliced bread.

Saw it on Dragons Den

It is absolutely ideal for those little repair jobs. I have in the past used a 2 piece epoxy putty and when I have needed it, it had gone off. This does not have the same problem. I thoroughly recommend it

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
David Johnstone
Broken glasses

I had written my review before then forgot to send it so let’s try again. After seeing fixits on Dragons Den I went out the next morning and retrieved my broken glasses from the bin yes seriously. They were binned after a few disastrous attempts to glue the hinge back in place anyway my order arrived I got straight to the kitchen got the kettle on and poured the boiling water as described into a glass the stick just started to melt in front of my eyes I left it for a minute or so and removed the stretchy stick from the glass. I then broke a small pea size off and placed it in the area where the hinge had broken away from I held it in place for around a minute no more it had hardened I then placed the stick back in the glass and removed another small piece over and around the hinge for extra support and it has been over two weeks and I haven’t had to pull out the glue and try and stick the hinge back as it hasn’t moved a bit and anyone I have showed the finished work have been impressed also 10/10 for me I will be back on the site as soon as I find something else to repair rather than pay out for a new pair of glasses at £130+ for what less than a £1 basically for all I have used.

Hi David, this is such generous and wonderful review. So glad FixIts has saved you money. Its also great sense of achievement to save something, or in your case retrieving, products from he bin. Chris

Superb product

Bought this after seeing it on DD. It’s a revelation. Fixed my glasses perfectly saved me a packet on new specs for a while.

Thanks so much for thee positive feedback and glad FixIts helped. all the best, Chris

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Patrick McHale
Excellent Product

I found the product very easy to use. It can fix many different things, and the cost of the product is very reasonable. I like the product and thereby have given it an excellent rating.

these haven't been received yet, when i track the order they haven't been dispatched yet

i havent received my order yet, even though i have just had an emailing saying i had 10days ago. please advise

Hi Zoe, sorry you haven't received your order yet but it was dispatched on the 10th the next working day after you placed the order. We are experiencing delays with Royal Mail but the tracking number does show it was dispatched. Please email us if it does not arrive tomorrow. Chris

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Gillian Huyton
Already used fixits

It's done a great jobt mending 2 iphone leads

Thanks so much for the positive review Gillian and glad FixIts helped.

Dragons' Den Bundle
Martin Smethers
Does what it says

Used it twice since receiving it. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Makes things more reusable, rather than throwing them away. Also, moulds to shapes and can be added to existing items.

So pleased that FixIts was able to help. Thanks for the review. Chris

Broken glasses

Amazing imo just amazing unrepairable the optician said well you didn’t reckon on fixit 10/10 from me my hinge was broken out of the moulded structure of my glasses and after several failed glueing attempts fixit finally fixed them actually buzzing I was when it worked so well. I placed I small piece into the badly damaged area where the hinge broke out from then once that set added another small piece and wrapped it around the leg and hinge I used the heat from the kettle to help form the shape.

Many thanks David for the positive review. all the best, Chris

Brilliant product

This stuff is fantastic, was able to make bushes for a carburettor that you cannot buy. Couldn’t Recommend it enough, it’s a must have in your toolbox

Very useful tool

I used it to make rounded corners on my metal bar stools. (They we’re sharp and dangerous before) so far so good. Fixits adhered and shaped into a nice curve.