Does what tape and glue can't!

Meet the incredible new DIY kitchen drawer essential to tackle any kind of I don’t have time for this to be broken in and out of your home. 

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From thrift shop finds to eBay second hand markets. The stigma of buying old is becoming less than buying new. Whilst we're still not totally over that hump, there are a bunch of things you can do to buying old instead of new.
We're producing more and more waste each year, so why isn't there an economy around turning that waste back into usable products? Why are we throwing away refined, pure materials, instead of turning it into something new out of the old?

Simply heat it to shape it

Simply dunk FixIts into kettle boiled water for 1 minute (60ºC+), remove it, pinch off what you need and get fixing!

FixIts hardens as it cools so keep it warm (with a hairdryer, or by dipping it back into hot water) if you want to keep fixing. Or if you want to speed up your fix expose FixIts to cold air or water.

FixIts hardens from the outside in, so be sure to give your fix time to fully cool on the inside as well as the outside.

Oh, just make sure to heat in a glass or ceramic vessel as FixIts can adhere to some plastics.

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