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Getting started with FixIts

How to soften FixIts

Before you get underway with your first fix we recommend taking a few minutes to get used to FixIts.

Boil some water and pour into a glass or ceramic cup. It takes approximately one to two minutes in boiling water for a FixIts stick to go soft. The longer the stick is submerged the softer it will become and the more time you will have before it sets.

Practice taking the FixIts out of the water and moulding it between your fingers. Get a feel for how long you have to work with it.

How to make a ball

Now have a go at rolling the softened FixIts in to a small ball.

This is a handy skill to get a smooth finish for your fixes.

How to make a cube

Have a go at creating a cube with six flat faces.

Tip: Use a warm spoon to create the flat sides.

How to roll out FixIts

Learn how to roll out FixIts in to a smooth cylinder.

How to mix FixIts

You can mix colours together to marble them, or keep mixing to make completely new colours. All our colours can be mixed together to create new shades and effects.

More Tips

FixIts pinched

Use what you need

Unlike other products you can use as much or as little FixIts. It doesn’t have a use by date and is endlessly reusable, you can keep any unused FixIts for a later project.

bendy FixIts

Thin vs Thick

The properties of FixIts depend on how thick or thin you make it. The thinner it is, the more flexible it will be; thicker and its harder. You’ll be amazed at how strong FixIts is no matter the thickness.

Fix frayed cable

Make it smooth

FixIts can take on textured finishes such as your fingerprints, or you can lightly rub the softened surface with a wet finger. We like to reheat just the surface before smoothing or texturing it.

Use a metal tea spoon

If you’re heating the whole FixIts stick, or just a little bit, in boiling water then we recommend using a metal implement, like a spoon, to fish out your blob of FixIts.