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Save Time.

Hooked on a feeling

Use our FixIts sticks to create gorgeous handy hooks like these!

Lipstick lid fix

Save Waste.

Lipstick unstuck?

Lost your lipstick lid? Not a problem! Use FixIts to make a bespoke blob top to fix it back together. Mwah. 

Save Money.


It’s a lot of faff when essential things like bras unpop. Ordering new is the old way. Just use a bit of FixIts. 

Save Time

Watch this space!

Watch strap cracked and running late? Fix it with FixIts. Now that's much more handy. Well, wristy. 

Get your FixIts so you have them to hand for those quick fixes

Now the days are getting longer, and lighter!, why not give nature a helping hand? Use your FixIts sticks, or indeed reuse old FixIts, to create all kinds of ingenious things that can help nature flourish.
Check out our ideas of how to re-use no longer needed fixes - save money, time and have oodles of fun! 
You know best that the climate emergency we’re facing requires us all to act differently. Every week, we're so impressed by your FixIts stories, how it helps you reduce your waste, repair broken products, and even have fun! This Global Recycling Day, we're saying Fix First, when you can, and Recycle Second, when you can't. Recycling's good, fixing's even better. Keep caring, keep repairing, recycle when you need to.