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FixIts | Reusable Tape

  • The second most essential thing in your DIY kitchen essentials drawer

          1. Use to stick and hide extension cables under your desk.
          2. Hold rugs and table cloths in place.
          3. Mount objects to walls and surfaces they'd otherwise slide off of.
          4. Super strong, super reusable double-sided fixing tape that's removable without a trace.
          5. It's as multi-purpose as your imagination, and particularly great for those unexpected fixes.
          6. A little goes a long way. Simply snip off a bit, stick in place, peel off the top layer, and get repairing!
          7. It's washable too, so you can reuse it once it's nice and clean.


    FixIts tape complements FixIts really well. Need a new coat hook? FixIts makes the hook, FixIts tape makes the hook work.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nikki Hill
Bad value

I bought the Dragons Den bundle for 27.99 less a discount of 20%. It wasn't clear what was in it. All that arrived was a packet of 30 glue dots and a packet of 3 sticks, both priced 9.99 making a total of 19.98 (and 2 orange sticks thrown in) I was charged a total of 22+ pounds to reflect the 20% discount on a supposed 27+ pounds. I don't call this a special offer! Work it out!!I just was promised the what did they leave out??

A most disappointing start!

Glue Dots

Still not used, so cannot comment


Easy to use and working perfectly so far.

Fred H
Stuck with you

Impressive : enough to do various jobs properly

One day I'll need them

The cable holder broke on the vacuum. The handle split on the watering can. Just have to live with it till I remembered I'd bought fix its. A mug of hot water and it's sorted. Unfortunately I've inherited the leftovers that I bought for dad, he loved how useful and simple they were.
I even made holders so I could wear two pairs of specs instead of those awful bi-focals.
Limited only by your imagination