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FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Tom Chamberlain
Great for fixing my bag

I used a stick to fix a buckle on my bag as shown in an Instagram ad. It worked really well and is still going strong

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Jonathan Hughes
Unique and superb

I fixed a unique problem by fashioning a finger protector from Fix-It, to prevent finger damage, on a bannister rail that has a dog-gate fitting. For two years the safety hazard has had a tea towel wrapped round it, until I discoveredFix-Its. Now the risk of finger damage is low and the appearance much enhanced.


Easy to use. Slightly sticky when I handled the st for the first time, but definitely gets better with practice. Just hope it holds 🤞🏼

Look Like they are going to be really versatile

I received these promptly and Im really pleased with them. They look good and more importantly they look like they will be super useful. The tape is very sturdy and works well to hang pictures, Love it.

Not bad

Fairly successful with my first project: fixing my iPhone lead. Second project not so good. I’d put the fixit into a plastic cup with very hot water in. The fix it stuck to the cup so badly that I had to throw it away! Under FAQ I discovered that I shouldn’t have done that! It would have been better to put that information under instructions instead

Dragons' Den Bundle
Paul Torrington
Another 'tool' for the box

A useful selection of colours to one day make some repairs!

Spatula repair

I am very definitely a fan of this product. I had a favourite spatula and the rubber on the handle disintegrated. I moulded a new one and now one of my favourite kitchen utensils is back in use.

Great product

Just what I needed for a repair.

Not sure

Don’t seem to be as good as I thought! Quite difficult to mould and use as it starts hardening immediately. Has not worked on a stainless steel towel rail. Will persevere with it and review again if I change my mine but currently I wouldn’t buy again.

Fab product

Had a few packets of these in the drawer and used them loads over the last couple of years. Glasses, broken scissor handles, zip pullers and most recently fixed a knife handle. Ideal, reusable and eco friendly product.

3 items saved from the bin!

A pair of scissors, zipper and broken phone charger wire now usable again! Great product 👌

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Martin rushbrooke
My use

First class..did my job in seconds..highly recommended

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks
Alexandra Yannacopoulou

FixIts | Pack of 3 sticks

Fixed toy train tunnel

Took a bit if getting used to but it's fixed my son's train tunnel that Grandad stood on and broke on day 1 😅

Not fixed it yet

Not used it yet. Only got it in case I need to.

Saved my expensive headphones

Used Fixit to repair badly broken Evos headphones. Glue would do the job. Fixit sorted them out

Works well as stated

Works and improves with practice and saves re purchasing items. However, what about a transparent, clear version please? Repairs are rather unsightly!

FixIts | Pack of 8 sticks
Ronald McConnell

Very good saves a lot of time. And it works so easy to use.

Time will tell

Not used yet but believe will be useful

Dragons' Den Bundle
John from the UK
A multitude of uses

I saw this product on dragons den
It's great easy to use and reuse
Get some for your tool box

Pricy but ..

Not yet been able to stop it setting before smoothing it out. I has it’s uses but is too expensive.

Did the job

I needed to fix a cable as in your images and I managed to do this fine, not quite as beautifully as your photo but it fixed it and it looks firm and solid
I also had an old fashioned hand whisk where the rivets had given up.
I wrapped the fix it around those and my favourite whisk is now working....although .I am aware I must hand wash in warm water only!

Excellent idea

Haven't had a need to make anything useful yet, but have tried them out, they seem really good

Still not used yet