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Dragons' Den with Reusable Tape Bundle

  • FixIts helps you save money and reduce waste by repairing instead of replacing  and to celebrate our appearance on BBC One's Dragons' Den we've put together a special bundle.

    Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a busy parent, trying to be more eco-conscious or just looking to extend the lifespan of your everyday items. FixIts can fix almost anything in and out of the home. From broken toys to frayed cables, FixIts is quick and easy to use, making it the ultimate fix-it solution.

    FixIts sticks

    ✔️ Endlessly reusable: one stick can be used for multiple fixes
    ✔️ Versatile: can fix almost anything in and out of the home
    ✔️ Quick: solidifies in minutes, saving you time
    ✔️ Non-toxic: made from a biocompatible material that is safe for you and the environment
    ✔️ Cost-effective: saves you money by repairing instead of replacing
    ✔️ No expiry: Fix on your own schedule: With no expiry date

    Reusable Tape

    ✔️ Strong:Super strong, super reusable double-sided fixing tape that's removable without a trace.
    ✔️ Secure: Mount objects to walls and surfaces they'd otherwise slide off of.
    ✔️ Multi-purpose: Particularly great for those unexpected fixes.
    ✔️ A little foes a long way: Simply snip off a bit, stick in place, peel off the top layer, and get repairing!
    ✔️ Washable and reusable:You can reuse it once it's nice and clean.

    The Dragons' Den Bundle includes:
    1 x Roll of reusable tape 
    1 x 3-pack of orange, white, black sticks
    2 x Orange sticks

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More sustainable way of living

The ultimate solution for fixing almost anything in and out of the home. With its versatile and endlessly reusable design, FixIts is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to save money and show their belongings a little love by repairing instead of replacing.

Planet-friendly, waste free

The ultimate solution for anyone who wants to reduce their environmental impact and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Made from a biocompatible material that is non-toxic and safe for both you and the planet, FixIts helps you break free from throwaway culture and embrace a more responsible way of living.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sarah Webb

This product has already saved me money. Fixed an irrigation system and a hose fitting. Brilliant product

Mandy Sutton
Playmobil hair

Well a couple of bald men now have a glorious head of orange hair thanks to fixits.
The reusable tape is good too but could do with some more guidance on use. It all arrived without any supporting paperwork and I can’t find instructions for reuse on the website.

Hi Mandy, we absolutely love your Playmobil fix! Thanks for you feedback regarding the reusable tape and we will look to include more guidance on how to use and reuse, both with the product and on our website. We can't wait to see what else you fix with FixIts!

Ros Cope
Look Like they are going to be really versatile

I received these promptly and Im really pleased with them. They look good and more importantly they look like they will be super useful. The tape is very sturdy and works well to hang pictures, Love it.

Paul Torrington
Another 'tool' for the box

A useful selection of colours to one day make some repairs!

John from the UK
A multitude of uses

I saw this product on dragons den
It's great easy to use and reuse
Get some for your tool box