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FixIts sticks
FixIts sticks


Per gram, FixIts cost less:


In a pack of 3 ~ £9.99
(around 30g of material, 33p/gram)

In a pack of 8 ~ £19.99
(around 80g of material, 25p/gram)

In a pack of 3 ~ £7.49
(around 10.5g of material, 71p/gram)

In a pack of 8 ~ £15.99
(around 28g of material, 57p/gram)

Setting time

We believe it’s the fastest fix around! Fixits takes a couple of minutes to soften in hot water and sets hard within 5 minutes. Need more time to fix? Simply dunk FixIts back in to hot water to soften it again. You really can fix things on the fly with FixIts.

Sugru starts to set within 30 minutes of being removed from its packaging but then can take up to 48 hours to fully set. That's a lot of waiting!


FixIts doesn't expire which means it's ready to be used at any time while a pack of Sugru expires after 6 months.

What's more, when you open a pack of Sugru there's no way of keeping the leftover material, it will all set hard and can't be reused. With FixIts, use what you need and then keep the rest for another day and another fix!

FixIts strong and durable


Sugru will hold up to 2kg/4.4lb in weight while FixIts can hold 16kg/35 lbs. FixIts is seriously strong!