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It's the perfect time of year for getting outside, whether that's in a garden or on a balcony, or a window sill! Even better: getting the whole family involved. This National Children's Gardening Week, we've got some FixIts inspiration for you, so your little people can have as much fun, too. From adapting tools like trowels and watering cans to creating little seed dibbers, having fun with plants is for everyone. So clean out your window boxes, yank up your parasols, and grab your nearest FixIts sticks. It's time for some fun outdoors.
It feels good to fix things this National Mental Health Awareness week.
To celebrate World Environment Day, FixIts Founder and materials guru Chris Lefteri wrote a guide to recycling. We picked five of the most interesting facts to share with you on how to use recycled materials more efficiently, ensuring that recycling continues to improve in the future.
We’re such BIG fans of spring over here. All that hope and renewal (and a bit more sunshine, thank you very much). It’s the perfect time to give your stuff some loving care, re-organise your things, and get creative - both indoors and out. There are 1000s of ways to use FixIts this spring. Here’s some inspo.
We're joining Earth Day's call to highlight the need for a better use of plastic.
Now the days are getting longer, and lighter!, why not give nature a helping hand? Use your FixIts sticks, or indeed reuse old FixIts, to create all kinds of ingenious things that can help nature flourish.
Check out our ideas of how to re-use no longer needed fixes - save money, time and have oodles of fun! 
You know best that the climate emergency we’re facing requires us all to act differently. Every week, we're so impressed by your FixIts stories, how it helps you reduce your waste, repair broken products, and even have fun! This Global Recycling Day, we're saying Fix First, when you can, and Recycle Second, when you can't. Recycling's good, fixing's even better. Keep caring, keep repairing, recycle when you need to.
REUSE your FIXITS fixes you no longer need. Simply pop back into boiled water and remould into your new fix. We are reusing our Valentine's decorations to make new ones for Mothers Day (and Easter). Keep all your leftovers in your FixIts gift tin for the next fix.
When things go missing and you need to replace them really quickly: FixIts
Calling all lovebirds, life partners, best friends, Breaking news! (Well, Fixing news, as we like to call it...) It has come to our attention that it is Valentine's Day soon. That famous day of beating hearts and romantic gestures and... fixing things, of course!
We've got some lovely inspiration for you this month of love. For some fresh new fix ideas, we’ve paired FixIts up with various different products that need a bit of loving. Let’s see whether they’re a match!