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FixIts gardening
FixIts gardening
FixIts watering can handle

Get fixing in the garden!

This time of year, your fixes are as likely to be outside as in. Pop some FixIts into your back pocket and get ready to spruce up your jungle.

Wobbly wheelbarrow? Tired trowel? Hanging basket barely hanging on? Not a problem with shape-shifting FixIts.  

It’s so much fun solving stuff like this yourself, plus you reduce your waste and save a bit of money. Go forth, gardener of life!

Fix bird feeder

Bird feeder gone to seed?

Bird feeders have holes, yes, but not big ones. That defeats the point. So just use some FixIts to fill in any bigger gaps, and then you can help out the birds this autumn.

fix wheelbarrow

Wheel show you!

Is your wheelbarrow’s looking a bit on the soon-to-be-retired side? The thing is, you’re fond of it and it still does a good job. Use a blob of FixIts to repair a crack, or a whole stick
to get a swish new handle going.

fix hanging basket

Hanging basket? Tick

No-one likes a hanging basket dangling at a funny angle. Fix a dodgy chain with some FixIts.

Make handle for trowel

Get a grip

Create your own perfectly-bespoke-to-you grip for a tool like a trowel or a spade. You can’t buy anything like this in the shops!

Fix broken sprinkler

Hose about this?

You can even create your own FixIts switch for a hose or a sprinkler or a similar outdoor device. Don’t forget to save water cleverly – think of getting a water butt to collect rainwater or saving water from your kitchen or bathroom. And always avoid watering in the heat of the day.

Fix dripping outdoor tap

Don’t be a drip

A small amount of FixIts can give you extra leverage on your outdoor tap to get it extra tight. Stop that drip, save our water!

make a dibber

Dib dib dob

If you’re new to gardening, a dibber is a stick you use to poke holes in soil, before sowing seeds. Why not have fun making one out of some of your leftover FixIts bits? 

make plant label

It’s a sign!

It’s good to remember what you’ve planted. Make some mini signs with FixIts to remind yourself.

FixIts jute bag

Remember your jute bag!

Don’t forget, all you need to get your FixIts going is some hot water and a bit of imagination. Perfect for gardening, grab one of our FixIts jute bags to keep your leftover FixIts bits in.  

From thrift shop finds to eBay second hand markets. The stigma of buying old is becoming less than buying new. Whilst we're still not totally over that hump, there are a bunch of things you can do to buying old instead of new.
We're producing more and more waste each year, so why isn't there an economy around turning that waste back into usable products? Why are we throwing away refined, pure materials, instead of turning it into something new out of the old?
To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we thought we’d ask some of the amazing women of FixIts about their repair habits. We were so fascinated, and inspired, by what they said.