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FixIts | Packs of 3 sticks

Color: black
black white orange
summer colours

  • As seen on BBC One's "The customer is always right"

    Get fixing with this pack of 3 FixIts sticks.

        1. Easy and Fast to use
        2. Endlessly remouldable
        3. Manufactured in the UK
        4. Packaging made from FSC paper
        5. Pack sealed with compostable cellulose sticker
        6. Compostable to EN 14995

    Simply heat FixIts in kettle boiled water for around 1 minute and see it go soft. Keep warm by dunking again or using hot air (from a hairdryer for example) to extend the working time.

    Use FixIts to repair your broken stuff, adapt to make things better or create replacement parts!

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Marine Hargreaves

Solidify to quickly impossible to shape something that looks nice looks messy waste of money!

Hi Marine, I'm really sorry to hear that. We have some Fixits tips for you: 1.keep the stick in the water longer. 2. If you need to reshape the fix, get the hairdryer onto it to make soft and malleable again. Happy to give you a refund if that still doesn't work.

Very useful tool

I used it to make rounded corners on my metal bar stools. (They we’re sharp and dangerous before) so far so good. Fixits adhered and shaped into a nice curve.

Lee M
Handier than you think!

I've just bought another pack, I had no idea just how useful these things are around the home. Whether it was to make door handles more comfortable to use, a plinth for an ornament or to fix items that would have been otherwise thrown away because an important piece of plastic was missing, this stuff is ready to go.

Sami Akai
Works great for skate shoes lol

I use these when i get holes on the soles of my vans skateboarding shoes to due friction with grip tape. They get the job done and saves me a lot of money compared to buying brand new shoes. Theyre not perfect of course because they can get a little slippery before breaking them in which makes sense they arent designed for this niche use. Still a lot better than nothing tho. The black and white colours are especially nice because they blend in well with the soles.

Alan Hindley
Really excellent product!

I couldn't wait to get my hands on FixIts. I had planned 3 projects - all three worked out great and look like standing the test of time!
Previous (similar) products that I have tried start to 'go-off' as soon as the packet is opened, this is not the case - much more flexible and much less wasteful!