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Save Time.

Hooked on a feeling

Use our FixIts sticks to create gorgeous handy hooks like these!

Lipstick lid fix

Save Waste.

Lipstick unstuck?

Lost your lipstick lid? Not a problem! Use FixIts to make a bespoke blob top to fix it back together. Mwah. 

Save Money.


It’s a lot of faff when essential things like bras unpop. Ordering new is the old way. Just use a bit of FixIts. 

Save Time

Watch this space!

Watch strap cracked and running late? Fix it with FixIts. Now that's much more handy. Well, wristy. 

Get your FixIts so you have them to hand for those quick fixes

When things go missing and you need to replace them really quickly: FixIts
Match your incredible FixIts with the perfect partner to make some essential new things around the house. Helps you get creative, plus you save some money and time.
Calling all lovebirds, life partners, best friends, Breaking news! (Well, Fixing news, as we like to call it...) It has come to our attention that it is Valentine's Day soon. That famous day of beating hearts and romantic gestures and... fixing things, of course!