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Looking for some ideas on what you can do with FixIts?

We've collated a bunch of our favourite uses of FixIts, both from us and from our community of fixers who share what they've done with us on social media


Repair your broken glasses

Broken glasses  FixIts repaired glasses

Make missing board game pieces

FixIts replacement board game pieces

Stop that chair from wobbling 

Wobbly chair  FixIts wobbly chair no more

Make yourself more visible

FixIts on back of bike helmet makes you more visible

Fix that broken basket

Broken laundry basket  FixIts repaired laundry basket

Make crafting more comfortable

Adapted lino cutters for easier grip

Replace that broken zipper

broken zipper pull  FixIts repaired zipper pull

Strengthen your cable

reinforced iPhone cable

Fix your broken watch

Snapped Swatch watch strap  FixIts repaired Watch

Create a new hook

FixIts repaired bike light hook

Rebuild and Reinforce that curtain rail

Broken curtain rail  FixIts repaired curtain rail

Make a grip just for you

FixIts custom made grip

Broken scissors no more

broken scissor handles  FixIts repaired scissor handle

Make a new screw cap

Bicycle tyre cap