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Our Story

Born out of a materials design studio & passion for repair - FixIts, founded by Chris Lefteri and Forrest Radford

Born out of a materials design studio and a passion for repair. 

Sometimes you come across something that changes your approach to your stuff, and that’s exactly what happened when Founder Chris Lefteri brought home what would later become FixIts whilst writing his first book in 2000. 

Very quickly Chris and his wife Alison started using this material to fix things all around their home (especially with two young children). It became very apparent that this could be as ubiquitous within the home as super glue or blutack. 

The idea was workshopped and toyed with over the next decade and a half until former student of Chris’ and now Co-Founder of FixIts, Forrest Radford, joined the project to develop this idea into a consumer product.

With a joint background in product design from central saint martins, a passion for materials and a shared vision for a product that can repair when tape and glues can’t, FixIts was born.

Manufacturing FixIts responsibly from the beginning - image by ruchindra gunasekara from unsplash

Choosing to manufacture responsibly from the beginning

It was always important that from the beginning of FixIts, we weren’t just creating a product that can prevent stuff from going into the bin, but also making sure we weren’t creating unnecessary waste in the process of achieving that goal.

So it became more than just about making a product to repair, but doing so in an environmentally responsible way that minimises our negative output on this world. 

It’s not easy to decide to manufacture everything local to us in the UK. Sourcing each part of a whole product becomes far more complex and as we’re now finding there are some things that we want to do that are impossible to do/source directly from within the UK

Pile of broken stuff - photo by john cameron from unsplash

The amount of single use waste a business can generate can be huge.

Before starting FixIts, we’d never done anything like this before. We had worked with global household name companies that manufacture on a global scale, but were never exposed to the manufacturing side of things.

The scary thing we saw when we started FixIts was the amount of waste we learnt a business can generate before a product is even packaged and on the shelves. Even the amount of waste that can be generated in shipping large amounts of orders became rather apparent.

Rather than allowing our business to scale with these known waste issues, we took a step back, spoke with our manufacturers, took a look at how we operated and started to source and pack with more sustainable materials. 

We have removed the all single use plastics and replaced them with FSC or PEFC paper products from the journey between our manufacturer to us. Now we’re working on how we can reduce the impact between our raw materials and our manufacturers.