FixIts | Packs of 8 sticks

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all colours
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  • As seen on BBC One's "The customer is always right"

    Get fixing with this pack of 8 FixIts sticks.

    1. Easy and Fast to use
    2. Endlessly remouldable
    3. Manufactured in the UK
    4. Packaging made from FSC paper
    5. Compostable to EN 14995

    Simply heat FixIts in kettle boiled water for around 1 minute and see it go soft. Keep warm by dunking again or using hot air (from a hairdryer for example) to extend the working time.

    Use FixIts to repair your broken stuff, adapt to make things better or create replacement parts!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
It works

I have used it to fix shredding charger cables and to wrap my bassoon reed .
Has worked very well in both cases. Not able to get it looking pretty but it sticks very well and does the job.

Jenny L
Good idea

I haven’t used the sticks yet, but love the potential applications. I also love that it is ‘eco plastic’ and you can give items longer life. Fix it, don’t throw it!

Sandra Lark

Excellent product- I love mending things rather then throwing them away and this amazing stuff is so versatile

Trudy Farley

So far this has save us paying to get our window fixed as repaired a dent in the bracket so the window shuts correctly, repaired my sons blind cable and was great to be able to remold when it was not quite right, and tempoarly repaired my headset for work while I awaited a new one. Amazing product.

Colin Spence

Hi, bought your 8pack of black and white. Just used the black to make a new end connector for my large umbrella. The bit which has the rainproof material sewn onto the end of the ribs had broken, so out came the FixIt stick and into hot water, then moulded a tiny replacement and stitched it all together. Great to use and it does not go off if you don't use it straight away.