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Father's Day Gift guide
FixIts father's day gift guide
Father's Day gift

FixIts helps you embrace a positive attitude

FixIts really can help you make the positive attitude shift from “Oh dammit, that thing needs fixing!” to “Oh yeah, that thing needs fixing!” It’s a subtle shift but it basically changes everything. You don’t see problems anymore, just solutions waiting to unfold. How you’ll fix this next thing is a puzzle to be solved – and with FixIts you’ve totally got this.

Snapped glasses arm repaired with FixIts

FixIts makes you think creatively

Something breaks, and suddenly there’s a choice: To fix it or bin it. Once you’ve made the right decision (fix it!), you’ve then got much more interesting thinking to do: How will you do it? How much FixIts will you use? What colour? Where will you do it for the best fix? Which lumberjack shirt will you wear? We reckon FixIts gets your brain going as much as your hands, and rewards your creative thinking in buckets. (Lumberjack shirt not required.)

FixIts kitchen drawer

FixIts is like playing a game

Like any game, it’s got some rules. Well, actually, just one: it takes approximately 1 minute in boiling water for a FixIts stick to go soft. Other than that, it’s playtime. You can mix up your colours, go long and bendy, or short and thick, and use a handy hairdryer to perfect it. After that umbrella, how about fixing your teenager’s charging cable, your wife’s bedside table, that window pane at the back? Plus, FixIts is great for unexpected last-minute fixes, so keep it in your kitchen essentials drawer and you’re ready to play the FixIts game any time!

Replace lost board game pieces with FixIts

FixIts is for more than one player

Modern dads know to involve the whole family. Why not share the fixing glory with your kids and make it a learning moment, or even just an opportunity to have a conversation? Pass on the joy of fixing and you’ll be fixing a lot more than just this chest of drawers.

Father's Day dad and son

FixIts makes you feel good

It’s just a lovely feeling fixing things. Not just because of the money saved (one of our FixItters saved £150 recently fixing a whiteboard). And not just because you know you’re doing your bit for the planet by reducing your consumption. It’s because it’s fun to fix, and it feels good to do fun things that help around the house, or that make your family happy. You get a rush of that “I did it myself” feeling. Plus, you can show off to anyone who’ll stop and listen!