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How to make a thimble

Super fast and easy way to make a ‘fits like a glove’ sewing thimble 🙌🏻

I have a thimble somewhere in my house but I needed one ‘NOW’ so I made one in a couple of minutes
And it’s fits my finger like a glove - no more balancing acts 👍🏻

Pop a stick into kettle boiled water for about a minute - wait for the wiggle- tear off what you need then mould and smooth wait a minute for it to harden - stand back and admire your clever work! 😍

You will need:

  • FixIts stick
  • Kettle boiled hot water
  • Needle to make indentations.

Get your FixIts

We love to see what you do with FixIts and here we've pulled together a series of crafting tutorial videos to show you all the great ways that FixIts can help with your crafting - from making thimbles to needles and crochet sticks.
Here's a quick tutorial video showing you how to make your own bespoke 'fits like a glove' thimble in minutes.
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