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We all know the score. You’re going out for a night with friends, but can’t find your make-up lid. 

You're chair has the wobbles because a wing nut is missing.

You're packing your holiday things, and your sun cream's topless.

Never fear, FixIts is here! 

In seconds, simply transform a FixIts stick into a make-up lid, a wing nut and an emergency sun cream stopper, no problem.

See? You never need to worry. Miss it, fix it, replace it.

How to fix earrings

If you have ever lost the back of an eareing and needed a super fast replacement - Fixits to the rescue! Just pick your colour!

How to fix a chair wing nut

Have you ever searched in vain for that missing wing nut? Fixits will mould perfectly around the thread of a screw to become an excellent replacement.

How to replace a bottle top

Check out this super easy way to replace a missing bottle top. No more leaks or spills at home or on holiday

For the one who fixes everything!

Whether or not you're able to celebrate with the mum in your life this Mother's Day, here's a BIG cheers to all the amazing mums out there. We can't fix the world's biggest challenges without mum power.

We reckon Mother's Day deserves something special, a bit different. Check out these ideas for extraordinary gifts, designed especially for the person who thinks they've got everything.

Now the days are getting longer, and lighter!, why not give nature a helping hand? Use your FixIts sticks, or indeed reuse old FixIts, to create all kinds of ingenious things that can help nature flourish.
Check out our ideas of how to re-use no longer needed fixes - save money, time and have oodles of fun! 
You know best that the climate emergency we’re facing requires us all to act differently. Every week, we're so impressed by your FixIts stories, how it helps you reduce your waste, repair broken products, and even have fun! This Global Recycling Day, we're saying Fix First, when you can, and Recycle Second, when you can't. Recycling's good, fixing's even better. Keep caring, keep repairing, recycle when you need to.