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How to Fix a Snapped Stick - Mop Handle

  • 1 min read

Sometimes things snap or bend, becoming useless. Repair them using FixIts - it takes less that 2 minutes!  FixIts cools to form a hard structural fix to repair things that tape and glue can't!

What you'll need?

  • A kettle or a pan on a hob to boil water
  • A glass or ceramic cup (avoid plastics as FixIts can stick to it)
  • Hairdryer (optional)
  • FixIts sticks.


Step 1  -  Soften FixIts sticks

Four easy steps, Heat water, Dunk you FixIts for at least one minute in the hot water, remove your FixIts, Pinch off what you need.

soften fixits stick - sea green colour


Step 2 - Mould on the handle using FixIts

Take the snapped handle and start moulding over it with FixIts (use as many sticks as you feel you need - you can also try mixing two colours to get some unique patterns and colours). Before moulding you can also create some folds on the surface around the snapped part or drill some small holes, so that FixIts can grip onto the surface better when you mould on it as FixIts isn't a glue and holds through mechanical means.

Finally, smoothen the FixIts surface using your hands to leave a nice finish.

Mould on the broken stick using FixIts


Step 3 - Add another layer for strength

Leave the FixIts to cool and harden. If you are a little bit doubtful about it's strength you can always soften some more FixIts and mould another layer on top of it.

Extra layer of fixits for strength

Stronger than ever!

fixed mop handle using fixits

Repaired and stronger than before, ready to be used as a household staple again.

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