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14 reasons to love FixIts

  • 3 min read

1. Fixing makes you feel great

Not many feelings better than something you did yourself. With FixIts you can say proudly that “I fixed this thing”.


2. It’s made in the UK

From the raw material to the packaging, we do our best to make sure everything FixIts is made in the UK. This saves on huge amounts of resources being wasted shipping things half way across the globe and keeps production and quality control just a train ride away.


3. You’ll save money because you won’t have to buy new things

Buying new has become the norm and often something “breaks” because of a single component failure. By using FixIts to repair that broken thing, you’re not just saving yourself money but you’re also saving something from ending up in the bin.


4. It’s really easy and quick to use – just heat it, shape it, fix it

Simply boil water, submerge your FixIts stick in the boiling water for one minute, remove it, pinch off what you need and get repairing. FixIts hardens as it cools, so either keep it warm by heating (by holding it in the hot water for longer, or using hot air from a hairdryer for example) or cool it down faster by using cold water and air.


5. It’s super strong and long-lasting

FixIts has incredible mechanical properties and can withstand large amounts of stress and strain. It’s also really impact and weather resistant.


6. It’s good-looking! Comes in a range of colours that you can mix too.

Whilst it may look like a rather fancy nail file from a distance, we can assure you it’s anything but. FixIts comes in a range of colours to choose from to make your fix stand out or blend in.


7. It’s made out of a compostable bioplastic.

Certified to EN-14995 for compostability, FixIts can be disposed of with your food and garden waste to be industrially composted where it will decompose into humus (the nourishing plant matter to enrichen your garden, not the stuff you dip your pita bread into).


8. It’s non-toxic.

Whilst we don’t advise you eat the stuff, FixIts isn’t toxic and won’t cause you harm to handle.


9. It's Endlessly reusable - reheat and reshape as many times as you like.

No single-use products here, FixIts are endlessly reusable so hold onto leftover pieces for other repair projects you have in your life. Once FixIts stick goes a long way.


10. It doesn’t have a use by or expiry date.

Unlike other repair products, FixIts doesn’t have a use by or expiry date. You can hold onto it for as long as you like and it’ll be ready to go when you need it.


11. It’s like 3D printing with your hands. Need to replace a missing board game piece? Just magic it out of FixIts.

Small game pieces are easily lost and accidentally hoovered up (or eaten by the dog). Don’t let a missing board game piece prevent you from having a good time. Quickly make replacements using FixIts and get gaming again. You can even paint it with acrylic paints to get it just right.


12. Great for organising life! Colour code your keys.

Ever had two identical keys for two different locks? Using FixIts you can colour code your stuff so that you’ll always know what is for what?


13. FixIts is packaged in FSC certified sustainable paper (with a cellulose sticker to seal it made of wood pulp). Nice!

We’re not just about creating a product to help you repair, but we’re about doing it in a sustainable way. As part of this, we’re making our packaging out of sustainably sourced FSC certified paper. And to seal the packaging we’re using a sticker made out of wood pulp that can be composted with your food and garden waste.


14. It mends the unmendable – FixIts does what tape and glue can’t

Breathe life into the broken. FixIts creates a rigid mechanical hold that isn’t easily broken. It’s perfect to add to your arsonal of repair products for when you need that emergency fix that tape and glue just can’t handle.