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How to Fix a Frayed Cable

  • 1 min read

Before and After frayed cable fix.

It happens to all of us, cable fray and expose the shielding, without action we know that it'll be nearing the end of it's life. With FixIts you can quickly wrap over that fray and strengthen your cable so it's good as new again!

Bonus, use a fancy colour and you'll always know who's got a hold of your cable.

What you'll need?

  • A kettle or a pan on a hob to boil water
  • A glass or ceramic cup (avoid plastics as FixIts can stick to it)
  • FixIts sticks.

Step 1 - Soften the FixIts stick

Four easy steps, Heat water, Submerge your FixIts for at least one minute in the hot water, remove your FixIts, Pinch off what you need.

Heating FixIts - Orange stick


Step 2 - Mould FixIts on the frayed cable

Grab you cable, make sure it's not plugged into an electricity supply, clean the surface and then wrap the molten FixIts around your frayed cable. Let it cool down until it's hardened before using it.

Top Tip: Use a hairdryer to reheat the top surface and then smooth it by rubbing your finger lightly over it.

Mould FixIts on the frayed cable

Functional Cable! 

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