/ Tips

Tips and tricks to get you started: 

Shaping FixIts: 

Cut it with scissors:
Want to know how to make intricate cuts? When softened or used to make thin parts, FixIts can be easily cut and trimmed into thin strips with scissors.

Don’t sand too aggressively as it will melt:
FixIts works really well if you want to shape it using sand paper just watch out your elbow grease doesn’t soften your part. Take it slow!

Thin pieces will cool faster than thick bits:
As FixIts use heat to become softer and more flexible, thick pieces are going to take slightly longer to soften than thin pieces. We recommend leaving FixIts sticks in hot water for around 60 C.

String it along:
Stretch and pull FixIts sticks or pieces to make FixIts string.


Joining FixIts: 

FixIts with FixIts:
You can add new pieces to an existing part you made by heating a small area of the part that you wish to join and just add your new part.

FixIts with other materials:
Always be careful with trying to join to FixIts to other products, particularly fabrics as these can adhere very well to FixIts and may not come off so easily.

Super glue works on FixIts!

Decorating with FixIts: 

Doodle away:
Use permanent markers/pens to add graphics to FixIts.

A maximalist approach:
Try adding fun patterns and textures by moulding FixIts to the surfaces of household products.

Making wall plugs with FixIts: 

FixIts is great for making filling awkward holes to make wall plugs. Just push soft FixIts into the hole, drill a small pilot hole and simply screw in the screw.