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Born out of a materials design studio & a passion for repair.

Sometimes you come across something that changes your approach to your stuff, and that’s exactly what happened when Founder Chris Lefteri brought home what would later become FixIts whilst writing his first book in 2000. 

Very quickly Chris and his wife Alison started using this material to fix things all around their home (especially with two young children). It became very apparent that this could be as ubiquitous within the home as Super Glue or Blu Tack. 

The idea was workshopped and toyed with over the next decade and a half until former student of Chris’ and now Co-Founder of FixIts, Forrest Radford, joined the project to develop this idea into a consumer product.

The rest, as they say, is history...

Born out of a materials design studio & passion for repair - FixIts, founded by Chris Lefteri and Forrest Radford

Manufacturing responsibly from the beginning.

It was important that from the beginning of FixIts, we weren’t just creating a product that prevents stuff from going into the bin, but also making sure we weren’t creating unnecessary waste in the process of achieving that goal.

We started by decide to manufacture and source raw materials local to us in the UK. It comes with limitations and presents new challenges.

But it prevents vast amounts of stuff being shipped across multiple countries and allows us to source from certified sustainable sources rather than just trusting in the processes that another country (with another language) use.

Manufacturing FixIts responsibly from the beginning - image by ruchindra gunasekara from unsplash

Businesses generate a lot of waste

Before FixIts, we had worked with global household name companies, but had never been exposed to the manufacturing side of their operations.

Then we started FixIts and started to see how much waste even a small company like us can create.

Rather than allowing our business to scale with known waste issues, we took a step back, spoke with our manufacturers, took a look at how we operated and started to source and pack with more sustainable materials.

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