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FixIts autumn
FixIts autumn
FixIts fixes

Ah, autumn, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. And FixIts! Autumn is a great time to slow down
a bit and take care of the things that make life lovely.

Enjoy it all, and know that by fixing the little things, you’re helping fix the bigger stuff by shifting from that relentless demand-and-consume mindset to a much more friendly and sustainable care-and-repair one.

Gift for going to uni

A+ for Fixing

Heading off to college, or know someone who is? There’s still time to send them off with a pack of FixIts. It’s almost as essential as the toilet roll and can help them get into the lifelong fixing habit.

Fix broken bag buckle

Summer breaks

Another summer has passed. It’s time to pack away those beach/camping/travel things and repair the awkward bits that got broken, like that tent zip and the bag strap.

fix wheelbarrow

Wheel show you!

Heading out for an autumnal sort-out but your wheelbarrow’s looking a bit tired? The thing is, you’re fond of it and it still does a good job. Use a blob of FixIts to repair a crack, or a whole stick to get a swish new handle going. Imagine if everyone did that?

Autumn colours

All those beautiful colours are coming in now – greens gently turning to orange and red and mauve. It’s really lovely. We love colour at FixIts and made our reusable fixing sticks different colours so you can choose the best one for each fix.

Fix bird feeder

Birdfeeder gone to seed?

Birdfeeders have holes, yes, but not big ones. That defeats the point. So just use some FixIts to fill in any bigger gaps, and then you can help out the birds this autumn.

FixIts gift tin

Did someone say Christmas?

We can’t believe it either, but it’s true. Never fear. Think of FixIts as your flexible friend – ideal for Secret Santas, awkward uncles, and that friend who says they’ve got everything. The gift tin is particularly good – your FixItter can save leftover blobs in it.

As we shift over from summer to autumn, we’re reflecting on the fun we’ve had, and some of the things we need to get done before the year is out.  Autumn is a great time to fix up summer breaks, send the kids off to college, make tweaks in the garden, and prepare for – yes – the Christmas holidays.

College is a great time to get into the fixing habit. It’s clever too, it can help save money because you don’t need to buy new stuff all the time. Plus you get to impress your new friends!

Imagine if everyone going to college this September came out with an A+ in fixing? We can fix the bigger stuff by starting with the small things.

To get you, or a college starter you know, on your way, here are our Five FixIts Top Tips for college fixes.

This time of year, the fixes are as likely to be outside as in. Pop some Fixits into your back pocket and get ready to spruce up your jungle. Wobbly wheelbarrow? Tired trowel? Hanging basket barely hanging on? Not a problem with shape-shifting FixIts.