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Take the 30-day FixIt Challenge

Over the next 30-days, you'll embark on an exciting journey to explore the endless possibilities of FixIts. Learn how to repair broken items, create new masterpieces, and share your success stories with a supportive community. Join the challenge today and help us create a more sustainable future, one fix at a time!

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How it works

Step 1:

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Step 2:

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Step 3:

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Step 4:

In the next 30 days share how you improve, or create new items around your home.

Join the FixIt Community

As a FixIt Challenge participant, you'll gain exclusive access to our private Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow FixIt enthusiasts. In this supportive community, members share their latest fixes, offer helpful advice, and provide inspiration for new projects. Join the conversation and discover the endless possibilities of FixIts with like-minded individuals who share your passion for sustainability and creativity.